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Below can read all the independent reviews for Dungeon Virgins  from the sites listed below.


The chicks on Dungeon Virgins may not have expected what they received and even if they did it's still a kinky concept to think that this is a site with first time experiences.

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Score    -    81 / 100


I cannot vouch for the sexual innocence of the babes at Dungeon Virgins, but they definitely get imprisoned in the dungeon under a church apparently, where they are generally shackled to some bars and groped among other things.
 What I really enjoyed about this site, besides the fact that the babes are British, is the variety.
You get great quality picturesand there are several themes going on here.

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Score    -    83  / 100

The BestPorn.Com

This site features sexy amateur gals in different types of bondage and fetish scenes for your viewing pleasure.

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Score    -    76.6  / 100


This is not your average porn site in fact here you are going to find girls getting chained, bound, gagged, caged, stripped, touched, spanked and....just see for yourself the tour in order to get an idea of what we can find inside the members area of this site.
 Their models list is quite good and I guess that in order to know more we only need to login to the members area of
Dungeon Virgins!

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Score    -    7.8  / 10


Who’s next to enter the randy caretaker’s dungeon? That’s the question posed by Dungeon Virgins, a British BDSM and bondage site featuring many unknowing virginal victims!
 A whole selection and succession of beautiful young British babes are about to find out they should never venture into this guy’s dungeon wearing as little as they do – and they’re about to be punished! 

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Score    -    8.1 / 10


Dungeon Virgins is a website that features hot British Babes in a variety of fetish and bondage scenes.
 Expect to see lots of ropes, chains, spanking and gags as these subs are imprisoned and used as naughty slaves.
No extreme torture but there is plenty of hot fetish based content that will make you say awe.

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Score    -    76.2  / 100


Dungeon Virgins is a good looking website with some great content.
 With the reasonable price to sign up and the amount of hot babes it would be hard to pass this one up.
Do not expect any extreme kind of torture here but do expect to see some hot looking subs in a variety of nice looking scenarios and themes.

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Score    -    78  / 100


The premise of Dungeon Virgins is simple you get to watch as first time female guests come to play in Randy Caretaker's dungeon.
The content is quite good; you’ll find scenes of bondage, corporal punishment and solo sets of the ladies.

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Score    -    5.49  / 100


What kind of self-respecting virgin would voluntarily venture into a randy caretaker's or mad monks dungeon?

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Score    -    70  / 100


Dungeon Virgins is for those of you that are into light bondage.
They don't beat the girls till their asses are bright red and they don't bind them with complicated rope knots.
 Instead they have a small dungeon that all the girls come to and most end up chained to the wall.
There are naughty brides, beautiful schoolgirls and more to pleasure you.

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Score    -    87  / 100

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